Caleb Phillips

What has been your experience or relationship with FarmFED Co-op to date?

I am an owner.

What kind of relevant expertise and background do you have to offer as a potential board member?

I have a doctorate degree in leadership focusing on leadership training and organizations.  I have farmed at local small and large scale farms for 8 years.

Have you ever served on a board of directors before, or worked under the supervision of a board of directors? If so, in what capacity?


Yes.  I currently am the acting President of the Board at Sunnyside Community Garden.  Also, I served on the board of a large orphanage in Thailand.

How able are you to attend monthly meetings in person (in Mt. Pulaski), and how much time do you foresee having to commit to serving on the board?

I can probably make it to monthly meetings.  December, January, and February might be a struggle while I coach wrestling.  I can always make it on zoom.  I would be able to commit about 5 hours a week.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the ownership about yourself that you feel is important or relevant to serving on the board?


I feel like this Co-op is essential to our community.  I feel like my unique experiences can help the Co-op get off to a great start.