Kyle Reed

What has been your experience or relationship with FarmFED Co-op to date?

I’ve helped with the project from it’s inception and currently serve on the interim board.

What kind of relevant expertise and background do you have to offer as a potential board member?

I’ve been farming on small, diversified farms for the past 10 years and currently run my own small farm in Mt. Pulaski.

Have you ever served on a board of directors before, or worked under the supervision of a board of directors? If so, in what capacity?


I also served on the interim board for Market on the Hill Cooperative and then 1 year on the board of directors.

How able are you to attend monthly meetings in person (in Mt. Pulaski), and how much time do you foresee having to commit to serving on the board?

I am able to attend just about every meeting in person, as I live in Mt. Pulaski. As most farmers, I foresee having a good amount of time through the Winter months but my available time and energy dwindle drastically from Spring to Fall.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the ownership about yourself that you feel is important or relevant to serving on the board?


I’m excited to see the Cooperative through to opening day!