Ted Maddox

What has been your experience or relationship with FarmFED Co-op to date?

My experience with the FarmFED Co-op to date has been to serve on the Interim board of directors and help throughout the process in decision making to create this project.   


What kind of relevant expertise and background do you have to offer as a potential board member?

As the owner and operator of the Maddox Sweet Corn Farm, we are a local family farm that has been serving the community with high quality sweet corn for over 30 years.  I  have experience with vegetable harvesting, processing, packaging, storage, and delivery of vegetables. If elected to the board, I feel that I could contribute many ideas, suggestions, and support to the Co-op.


Have you ever served on a board of directors before, or worked under the supervision of a board of directors? If so, in what capacity?



How able are you to attend monthly meetings in person (in Mt. Pulaski), and how much time do you foresee having to commit to serving on the board?

Being only 15 minutes away I foresee no problem in being able to attend the monthly board meetings. As far a time .... whatever it takes.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the ownership about yourself that you feel is important or relevant to serving on the board?


With 30 years' experience in marketing I feel that I could offer suggestions and support in helping with the sales of farmFEDs products, either through negotiations with contracts or one on one retail or wholesale pricing. It would be an honor to serve on the board. Thank you for the opportunity to be involved in this project. Sincerely Ted Maddox.