Tom Martin

What has been your experience or relationship with FarmFED Co-op to date?

I have been involved with the “concept’ of a business like FarmFed since January 0f 2017.  In August of 2019 the Local Foods/Local Places workshop in Mt Pulaski set as one of its goals to develop a regionalized local foods distribution system.  I continued to support the idea as chairman of the Mt Pulaski Economic Development and Planning Board  and FarmFed became a legal entity in the Spring of 2021 I stepped into the interim board chairmanship.

What kind of relevant expertise and background do you have to offer as a potential board member?

Over the past 40 years I have served on multiple boards both as a member and as an officer , many times serving in the chairmanship position.  Local, regionally and nationally I have had the good fortune to serve with many good people working for the betterment of our local communities and our agricultural industry.

Have you ever served on a board of directors before, or worked under the supervision of a board of directors? If so, in what capacity?


Most recently besides my work with FarmFed Co-op I served as the interim chairman for the new grocery store here in Mt. Pulaski , Market On The Hill .  During my time as chairman we raised the needed capital, developed the concept of a small town market and renovated the space and opened our doors in June 2020.  I have been farming since 1982 and now am in business with my son Christopher raising corn , soybeans, hay, wheat and straw.

How able are you to attend monthly meetings in person (in Mt. Pulaski), and how much time do you foresee having to commit to serving on the board?

My goal will be to attend every board meeting and any committee meeting to which I belong.  Because of my prior involvement these past few years I make an assumption I will be involved in many different aspects of development of our new business venture in the next few years.  But being completely honest I hope to serve several years on the board to get us up and running and then step aside for someone with fresh new ideas and talents.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the ownership about yourself that you feel is important or relevant to serving on the board?


I pledge to you, the stockholders, that if elected to the best of my abilities I will commit my time , talents and energy to bringing our FarmFed Co-op from the conceptual stage of development to opening our doors for business in 2022.