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Click on the names below to read a short bio about each of our board of directors candidates.




If you plan to attend the Meeting of Owners (on Tuesday, November 15th) virtually, please be sure to vote online. Voting at the Annual Shareholders Meeting will only be available to those attending in person. Our Board of Directors will be announced at the Annual Shareholders Meeting.


Note that if you hold more than one share in the cooperative, a multiplier will be applied based on your number of shares owned (regardless of share type). For example, if you hold three shares, each person you vote for will receive three votes. 


To validate votes, the election committee will be matching names and owner numbers, so please be sure to enter your correct owner number on the ballot. You can find your owner number at the top left of your owner certificate. If you don't have access to your certificate, please email us at

Laura Fox

I am currently the Budget, Marketing, and Communications Manager for Illinois State University Police. In that role I manage an incredibly tight budget, facilitate our strategic planning efforts, and try to humanize our department and educate the public through our social media and marketing efforts. I am blessed to be surrounded by colleagues with immense talents, who I regularly lean on for guidance. As a professional, and in my personal life, I think that is where I find my strength; a community of others who give us strength and enhance our own talents. I believe it truly takes a village. FarmFED's mission drew me in because it answered some of the tough questions facing the community of local agricultural producers by leveraging collective power and assets, and it did it to benefit the local community as well. That is a powerful mission of community and one I am excited to support in any way I can.


When I am not working I am busy in my garden on steroids trying some new vegetable experiment (not so sure about this year's cardoon adventure), or chasing my two incredible children and trouble-making chihuahua. When the weather cools I will be getting into trouble with crafts or home remodeling and dreaming of warm weather again.

Erin Meyer

Tom Martin

Erin has over 30 years of experience working in the food movement. Erin is the founder and president of Basil’s Harvest, a food business entrepreneur, registered dietitian, chef, and sustainable food systems professional. As an advocate and leader, Erin brings valuable perspective and expertise in building successful relationships and insight that connect farmers, healthcare systems, and culinary professionals along the value supply chain as we grow the regional regenerative farm-to-institution pathways. 

Tom Martin is a grain farmer and community leader in Mt. Pulaski, Illinois. Tom was born and raised on the family farm where he now lives with his wife Cheryl and farms with his son Christopher. He is the father of  2 and grandfather of 4.


Tom has been involved in his community since coming home to the farm in the early 80’s, and his most recent projects have involved incorporating local foods as a driving force in economic development in rural Central Illinois.


Most recently he has served as the Mt. Pulaski Economic Development Board Chairman, Interim Chairman of the Market on the Hill Cooperative grocery store in Mt. Pulaski, and has served as the President of the FarmFED Cooperative’s Interim Board for one year and continued to serve as the President of the Board for the past year. 

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Mailing Address: PO Box 31, Mt. Pulaski, IL 62548

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